UNV Authorized Distributor in UAE

Uniview presented the IP system in china and considered as the pioneer in the video surveillance industry. Uniview consistently kept up high market share in the industry in the worldwide market. The organization gives assorted UNV CCTV system and related accessories at reasonable costs. Uniview CCTV items are practical and successful in recording and installation in Dubai. Their recognizable identification technology has demonstrated to be multiple times more compelling than a standard CCTV Security Camera System available in the market because of its more noteworthy detail. Uniview CCTV system is known to decrease cost because of its diminished bandwidth saving storage room. One of their leader products - The Uniview IP camera - are known to exhibit recordings in megapixel real-time even under low-light.


Product Line Network Camera

Easy Series

Products from simple solution are the most well-known choices for passage level applications, for example, private and little retail locations. It comprises of L series IP Cameras and pristine easystar series starlight cameras. All of them are featured with Ultra 265 pressure innovation which is only evolved by Uniview. The main business estimation of them is furnishing fantastic execution with moderate cost. Simple series products are not difficult to introduce and maintained, thus can be used anyplace in no time. Easy family items are most financially savvy for home and private venture application.


Pro Series

UNV Pro series are brought into the world with phenomenal super keen innovation and deliver prevalent client experience. Applied with keen functions, products in Pro series can suit for a wide scope of extreme solutions - 4k@30fps, 2MP@60FPS, LightHunter, WDR, plentiful interfaces, and more. However, those performances, Pro series likewise incorporate Omni view (UNV IP camera installation) camera which consolidates various sensors to give all panoramic view. The Pro series is the primary choice for big business and project applications.


Prime series

You can generally find the ideal products in UNV Prime series which has further developed functions to execute magnificent execution. There are 4 sub-series in it and every one of it is particularly intended for a specific market. Prime IV series are featured with AI calculation that can lessen false alarm intelligently. Prime III series are proficient UNV IP camera installation for color imaging in super low light conditions that controlled by lightHunter. Prime II series are standard cameras that have a huge scope of smart functions and goals. Different standard goals, for example, 2/4/5/8 MP are accessible that can show various degrees of picture quality. Prime I series have more upgraded equipment, for example, WDR, sound, alert, SD card, etc.


PTZ Cameras

UNV PTZ series camera covers section level, standard level and upgraded level and meets distinctive client necessities. Smaller than usual PTZ cameras which focus to entry-level market is included with worked in mouthpiece, speaker, Wi-Fi, and more. and are appropriate for retail market. The standard and improved PTZ cameras are reasonable for vertical industry projects with up to 55X optical zoom, 4k, 60fps, LightHunter, long reach IR distance, WDR, IP67, IK10.


Benefits Of UNV Systems

Improves profitability and productivity while protection is guaranteed


High review limit in a wide range of light – the higher goal


Savvy Search work with different hunt highlights


Long Infrared Light reach


Fast information transmission innovation of full exchanging dispatching architecture


The clever detection takes out the undesirable dangers from untouchables


Screens, covers and records an enormous territory without a moment's delay


Helpful for a wide range of territories – private and business


On the web and Offline checking of exercises


LightHunter Technology ensures the picture loaded with shading under ultra-low light


U-code Technology which can decrease up to 90% bitrate to save transfer speed and extra room


PixelSense is Uniview's licensed innovation for exchanging Day and Night method of IP camera


Simple to Use/Maintain


Dependability at Design and Tests


Significant distance POE


UBS storage system


Profound learning Intelligence


Great Image execution

UNV Solutions

Better Security, Better World.

Uniview kept on being in the top by presenting new technologies and furthermore gives a total scope of product line including UNV CCTV system, nvrs, storage and screens. Uniview gives total solutions for different ventures like finance, transport, retail, and medical care.

With strong R and D and manufacturing capacities as the driving force of creating, Uniview turned into the fourth biggest video surveillance producer in the world, as indicated by the worldwide research firm HIS Markit. To cater better to the world Uniview is available in 145 nations and have better deals and services in different districts in the world. Uniview guarantees better value by top-notch developments by banding together with worldwide partners. "Better Security, Better World" is in excess of a slogan, it is the thing that UNV is dreaming for and working forward. Development, progressive plan, strict quality control, general certifications, proficient assisetance, open participation - these are the pillars of UNV.

UNV Cameras can likewise perform at challenging light conditions which can be exceptionally useful in traffic hours and business supervision. It incorporates high-frequency imaging systems with an exhaustive video system.

Gulfstream infotech gives authentic Uniview Products everywhere in the UAE. It is one of the biggest and experienced UNV CCTV supplier in UAE. Their best-selling CCTV items in UAE include - Uniview IP Cameras, UNV CCTV system cameras, Transmission and Display and Control. We accepts that genuine success lies in building durable client connections by delivering most extreme customer satisfaction. Uniview Wi-Fi Cameras, PTZ Camera, security camera, NVR, VMS, IP SAN, Disk Enclosure, Heat-Track series, Accessories.

UNV Solutions

Product Line Our Products


UNV network video recorders are enabled by innovation to give advantageous features, focusing on client experience to facilitate each operational interaction, brought into the world with top-notch quality to guarantee reliability on the gadget and entire system. At Gulf Stream Infotech, we have NVRs available in Easy Series, Prime Series and Pro Series. The notable features in the NVR are Updated with U Code innovation, Easy to utilize and maintained, Reliability at Design and Tests, Long Distance PoE, UBS and ANR Storage system, N+1 hot extra help and Deep Learning Intelligence. Outsider IP Cameras support with ONVIF conformance: Profile S, Profile T Profile G. NVRs are available from 1 to 16 SATA, permitting up to 128 channels.



UNV VMS products are incredible and profoundly dependable video surveillance management platforms which offer an exhaustive solution by interfacing with other UNV items including IP camera, NVR, Decoder, Cloud gadget, Network console, Alarm control board and door access control, and Biometric Access Control and Readers more. They are viable with ONVIF consistent IP cameras and open to integrating with different systems. UNV VMS items have been generally utilized in different situations, for example, public security, money, transportation, electric power, energy, schooling, medical services and in diverse situations like large parks and buildings.


Professional Storage

Nebula, with superior, high reliability, high accessibility, high density, high versatility and high usability is generation unified network storage grew particularly for video surveillance. Incorporating a wide range of features, for example, iSCSI storage, RAID Processing, Failover Protection, permanent Data Protection and cutting edge disk management innovation, Nebula offers simultaneous block access performance (iSCSI), and in this way forms a thorough solution for storage in video surveillance.


Display & Controls

Great quality manufacturing makes sure reliability and stability, UNV Display boards gives you an immense visual experience by its ideal display effect. It is having a brilliant foundational layout thus simple to introduce and maintained. Likewise comes with an expert video wall controller which can handle and manage different functions. Wide scope of LCD Video wall, video wall controller and LED Display screens are available with UNV.