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Uniview is the leading company in the IP surveillance industry Headquartered in China, Uniview is one of the largest players in the IP surveillance industry around the world. As of 2017, Uniview has the sixth largest worldwide share of the overall industry. The range of products offered by Uniview vary from IP video including IP cameras, NVR, Encoders and Decoders, Storage, Client Software and application, covering wide vertical markets including retail, building, industry, training, business, city observation and so forth. The company aims to pioneer world class IP video products to keep the world a more secure place by providing substantial and trustworthy products. Since video surveillance UNV products are manufactured with a unique Pixel Sense Technology which prepares cameras to showcase high resolution video under different lightning. It replaces hardware to detect real illumination and uses the infrared ray as a technique to help display the video.

Uniview is also well-known for its CCTV cameras and video management software and related accessories.

Specialty of Uniview Products:

  • Distant monitoring: Link unlimited number of cameras to the same IP without the need for putting them on different IPs.
  • Automatic Push up Alerts and E-mails: Any unusual events or motion censored emails are immediately notified via push alerts and emails.
  • Mapping functionality: Location map to represent the camera placement and strategic watchout to ensure the best surveillance, saving the hassle of repositioning the devices
  • Infrared imaging: Optimized imaging under all lighting conditions by adjusting for the best image.
  • Other features: Strong color rendition, day and night vision cameras capable of viewing upto 98 feet including nighttime with intelligent positioning system.


Gulfstream Infotech is an authorized UNV distributor and an ambassador of Uniview Technologies and leader in IP surveillance. They are created specifically to be economical and providing high performance surveillance activities with longevity as it does not wear out with extreme conditions and continuous usage. The UNV products are now widely used across various projects such as public security, mall management, traffic control, trains and schools.



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