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Closed Circuit Television commonly known as CCTV is a surveillance system used for protection around residential and commercial premises. Uniview is one of the major distributors in the CCTV industry. The company provides diverse CCTV products and related accessories at affordable prices. Uniview CCTV products are feasible and effective in recording and installation. Their identification technology has proven to be 4 times more effective than a standard CCTV available in the market due to its greater detail. Uniview CCTV have known to reduce cost due to its reduced bandwidth saving storage space. One of their flagship products - The Uniview IP camera are known to showcase videos in megapixel real-time even under low-light.

A good surveillance system involves more than just the cameras – it has to be connected to the right network. It ensures that the environment can be supervised efficiently and can raise alarm during any threatening situation. Every minute that is caught on camera can sometimes be very helpful in uncovering a dangerous situation. When an area is kept under surveillance, crimes have notably reduced and protection undeniably increased.

Advantages of having a UNIVIEW CCTV SYSTEMS:

  • Improves productivity and efficiency while protection is assured
  • High viewing capacity in all types of light – higher resolution
  • Smart Search function with various search features
  • Long Infrared Light range
  • Effective video transmission with according to the network status
  • Intelligent detection eliminates the unwanted threats from outsiders
  • Monitors, covers and records a large area at once
  • Useful for all types of areas – residential and commercial
  • Online and Offline monitoring of activities


UNV Cameras can also perform at challenging illumination environments which can be very helpful in traffic and commercial supervision. It integrates high frequency imaging systems with a comprehensive video system.

GulfStream Infotech provides authentic Uniview Products all over the UAE. It is one of the largest and experienced CCTV camera distributors in the region. Their best-selling wireless CCTV in UAE include: Uniview IP Camera, UNV starlight cameras, Uniview Wifi cameras and UNV network cameras. GulfStream Infotech believes that true success lies in building long lasting customer relationships by delivering utmost client satisfaction.



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