Neutrik Audio Connectors

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Neutrik AG is the world's top audio connection manufacturer. Neutrik products are famous for their exceptional quality and reliability in demanding applications, and are used by professional sound engineers and artists alike. Neutrik audio connectors are found on nearly all pro audio speakers and power amplifiers. They are also responsible for some of the most popular XLR and 1/4" connectors. Apart from the XLR connector, Neutrik also provides speaker-connections, data-connectors, patch-panels, power-connectors, BNC connectors, and other industrial connectors.

We, at Gulfstream, provide Neutrik products that are durable and reliable for practically any industry, from rock bands to lighting design, industrial equipment to broadcast studios.

Gulf Stream Infotech is one of the Gulf District's largest distributors of security systems and other IT products. Gulf Stream Infotech provides end-to-end solutions. We assist our channel partners and affiliates in providing the best solution for their clients. We ensure that all of our partners' requirements are addressed under one roof. This is backed up by our in-house pre-sales capability, as well as frequent training and sales assistance to help profit partners close more deals. There's a lot more to connectors than that.

We offer high-quality and reliable solutions for every application, whether it's for a rock band or a lighting designer, a broadcast studio or an industrial application.

Benefits of adopting Neutrik Connectors

Electrical currents are carried from your amplifier or receiver to your speakers via connectors.The connection is a vital aspect of the audio setup, yet it is sometimes disregarded.

The appropriate cable connector is critical since it aids in the optimization of the audio signal until it reaches the final speaker components. Signal loss can occur when you use the improper speaker cord type and connector, and this will have a significant impact on the final sound.

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