Network Access Storage devices are network connected computer file storage solution. These may be connected with the server that have several computer systems connected with each other to provide access to the stored data. It is typically used as an extended storage solution for the existing in-built storage. Network storage can be useful, provided companies use it for a large scale sophisticated data. It also allows the leverage to store and recover all data at one site.

Some of the advantages of having Network Storage Devices in the UAE:

  • Reliability: NAS devices help in managing backup of all business data and prevents the hassle of searching / recovering data. Data management and recovering can be automatic and can also be scheduled in a regular basis.
  • Storage Optimization: Network Access Storage allows several servers and their data to be connected at once in what is called a filing system or software system that they use. This helps in assigning storage for users as per their liking and removes unused storage in an underutilized server.
  • Easy recovery of data: Any virus attack of any kind and extent or any system failure can wreck a havoc on the storage and currently used data. That is not the best time to be looking for backup options and NAS definitely change the criteria to reduce the chaos. Centralized backup eases the search and makes data available.
  • Archiving Storage: Centralized platforms protect the data stored across the company. Additional management of data is reduced and data availability is maximized once unwanted data is eliminated from the network.
  • Data Protection: Data is the most precious resource for any company. Network storage access can defend any malicious attacks such theft, natural disasters and system failures.
  • Strong Compliance: There are many government laws that govern data storage and regulate the way it is stored across enterprises. A Network Access Storage device helps complying with government standards of data storage and can be monitored by installing applications such as IBM’s LockVault software to flap any compliance related issues.
  • Simplified Storage: Network Storage can help add more resources to the storage capacity anywhere across the network. A new storage device can be connected anytime without powering down the servers and extract files from anywhere. Since network access interfaces are easy to use, the data can be accessed and managed from any console across the network.
  • Increased data availability: Each duration with the network access storage saves lot of time and money spent on storage retrievals. Since NAS have disk based backup, restoration process is faster and happens within a matter of minutes.


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