Logic Projector Screen

POE Powered Switch

The Projector Screens give a smooth and stable performance when properly fitted to the projector's specs and available in a variety of sizes. By decreasing the depth of ambient light, its modern appearance and high gain screen fabric provide an uncompromising visual experience. Gulfstream provides high-quality Logic Projector Screens for all your conference, event or business requirements.

Immersive Projection Screens.

Previously, televisions were used to watch TV shows and movie theatres were used to watch movies, but with today's technology, there is a motor for projector displays that allows users to stream live with online streaming services that broadcast movies and shows. With motorised projector screens capable of handling everything for them, including the home theatre system, one can now enjoy even at home. Many people are familiar with projector screen motors because of the advantages they provide over other monitors.

Power Over Ethernet