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Anviz Global is a leading distributor of intelligent security systems founded in 2001 with headquarters in Shanghai, China. They provide comprehensive solutions such as surveillance systems, access control, alarm systems and time management. Anviz provides innovative and intelligent solutions that vary across Biometrics Access systems including Iris recognition, Fingerprint, RFID and Surveillance. Their clientele includes all types of retail and financial sectors horizontally and from various verticals such governmental and non-governmental organizations.

The company’s brainchild called as the BioNANO is an intelligent, multiple layered Biometric verification algorithm which compromises of the Iris, facial and vein recognition all in one application. It has been recognized worldwide to be the world’s most systematic and stable identification system. Anviz combines computers with security systems to create intelligent technology that comprises of various imaging, transmission, storage, processing and access control.

Anviz is a distributor to over 100 countries all over the world with branch office in United States and South Africa. With over 10 years of experience and research, Anviz manufactures biometric technology and has more than 500 intellectual properties ranging across software, hardware, design and style. It is also the distributor also providing community safety and security solutions with AV products that offer end to end solutions. Some of the Anviz community products includes RFID / NFC Cards, Smart Guard Tracking, License Plate Capturing.


Top features of the Anviz products:

  • RFID: This is a breakthrough product featuring embedded with optic fingerprint readers for time attendance with standalone access control. It can set any fingerprints, numerical combinations with Wifi connectivity, Card readers and HID card readers all in one.
  • NFC: Slim, waterproof design, built in keypad and access control reader that support door contact sensors. LED light indicators with tamper alarms and dual frequency.
  • Smart Guard Tracking: Compact, location monitoring system, GPS enabled cloud computing connecting with the various systems and checkpoints. All-weather proof, real time accessibility with history logs for complete tracking. Multilingual interface and low in cost with unique reporting techniques for community purposes.
  • License Plate Capturing: Network controlled License plate capturing for mobile or traffic based recognition. Operates over extreme temperature with IP address filtering and GPS tracking. Direction transmission to camera and database systems with comparison functions.

Gulf Stream Infotech is leading distributor of intelligent systems and is the authorized distributor of Anviz products. Their network ranges across the Middle East by ensuring after sales support and extensive distribution of IT products and surveillance systems.



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