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The advancement of technology is quite visible in the evolution of accessibility. From accessing our bank accounts to accessing our homes, technology has evolved to make life easier and more secure. Wireless technology has been noted to offer significant benefits in terms of security and ease of use without compromise on quality. There is an increasing necessity to monitor activities and tightening control by seeing what happens in real time and offline. Since each location and requirement is different, customized solutions are integrated without affecting the civil structure in a seamless connection network. For the same, Anviz offers intelligent wireless access systems that are a perfect solution and can integrate unwired components whilst offering direct access and fits the entire system. Anviz is a global brand that is committed to provide customers various access solutions customized to their need.

Anviz offers different types of Wireless access control systems – RFIDs, Biometric Access systems, Smart Cards, Web ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEMS, IoT access control systems, Surveillance Devices Management access control systems. These systems control the security with mandatory permission by demanding a reader or biometric scanner that grant or deny access. Every entry is recorded via a recorder that notes the time and tracks all the remote activities in real time and offline:

Benefits of installing Real Time Wireless Access Control Systems:

  • Enhanced two-way schedule and updates
  • Ease of granting access rights when required
  • Real – time lockdown feature when under threat
  • Reduces the hassle of organizing / stolen keys for locations regular turnover.


Benefits of installing Offline Wireless Access Control Systems:

  • Increased security system that blends in with architecture.
  • More visibility of activities and security control
  • Quick virtual and real time updates on electronic devices
  • Convenient and safe access for shared spaces
  • Programming schedule updates

Gulfstream Infotech provides Anviz wireless systems, other biometric access and security systems for utmost protection. They develop customized wireless access networks to deliver the best solution to all our clients. Gulfstream Infotech is an authorized reseller and distributor of Anviz Wireless access systems.



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