Uniview introduced the IP system in china and considered as the pioneer in the video surveillance industry. Uniview always maintained high market share in the global market. The company provides diverse CCTV products and related accessories at affordable prices. Uniview CCTV products are feasible and effective in recording and installation. Their identification technology has proven to be 4 times more effective than a standard CCTV available in the market due to its greater detail. Uniview CCTV are known to reduce cost due to its reduced bandwidth saving storage space. One of their flagship products - The Uniview IP camera -are known to showcase videos in megapixel real-time even under low-light.


Product Line Network Camera

Easy Series

Products from easy series are most popular choices for entry level applications such as residential and small retail stores. It consists of L series IP Cameras and brand new easystar series starlight cameras.All of them are featured with Ultra 265 compression technology which is exclusively developed by Uniview. The most important business value of them is providing excellent performance with affordable price. Easy series products are very easy to install and maintain, hence can be utilized anywhere within seconds. Easy family products are most cost-effective for a residence and small business application.

Pro Series

UNV Pro series are born with excellent ultra-smart technology and deliver superior user experience. Applied with smart function, products in Pro series are able to suit for a wide range of tough solutions - 4k@30fps, 2MP@60FPS, LightHunter, WDR, abundant interfaces, etc. In addition to those performances, Pro series also include Omni view camera which combines multiple sensors to provide panoramic view. The Pro series are the first option for enterprise and project applications.

Prime series

You can always find the ideal products in UNV Prime series which has more advanced functions to implement excellent performance. There are 4 sub-series in it and each of it is especially designed for specific market. Prime IV series are featured with AI algorithm that is able to reduce false alarm intelligently. Prime III series are professional cameras for color imaging in ultra-low light conditions that powered by lightHunter. Prime II series are standard cameras that have wide range of smart functions and resolutions. Various mainstream resolutions such as 2/4/5/8 MP are available that can show different levels of image quality. Prime I series has more enhanced hardware such as WDR, audio, alarm, SD card, etc.

PTZ Cameras

UNV PTZ series camera covers entry level, standard level and enhanced level and meet different customer requirements. Mini PTZ cameras which targets to entry level market is featured with built in microphone, speaker, Wi-Fi, etc. and are suitable for retail market. The standard and enhanced PTZ cameras are suitable for vertical industry projects with up to 55X optical zoom, 4k, 60fps, LightHunter, long range IR distance, WDR, IP67, IK10.



Improves productivity and efficiency while protection is assured

Improves productivity and efficiency while protection is assured

High viewing capacity in all types of light – higher resolution

Smart Search function with various search features

Long Infrared Light range

High-speed data transmission technology of full switching dispatching architecture

Intelligent detection eliminates the unwanted threats from outsiders

Monitors, covers and records a large area at once

Useful for all types of areas – residential and commercial

Online and Offline monitoring of activities

LightHunter Technology guarantees the image full of color under ultra-lowlight

U-code Technology which can reduce up to 90% bitrate in order to save bandwidth & storage space

PixelSense is Uniview’s patented technology for switching Day & Night mode of IP camera

Easy to Use/Maintain

Reliability at Design & Tests

Long distance POE

UBS storage system

Deep learning Intelligence

Excellent Image performance

UNV Solutions

Better Security, Better World.

Uniview continued to be in top by introducing new technologies and also provides a complete range of product line including cameras,nvrs,storage and monitors. Uniview provides complete solutions to various industries like finance,transport,retail and healthcare.

With strong R & D and manufacturing abilities as the engine of developing, Uniview became the 4th largest video surveillance manufacturer in the world, according to the international research firm HIS Markit. To cater better to the world Uniview is present in 145 countries and have better sales and services in various regions in the world. Uniview ensures better value by high quality innovations by partnering with global partners. “Better Security, Better World” is more than a slogan, it is what UNV are dreaming for and working forward. Innovation, revolutionary design, strict quality control, worldwide certifications, professional service, open cooperation - these are the pillars of UNV.

UNV Cameras can also perform at challenging illumination environments which can be very helpful in traffic and commercial supervision. It integrates high frequency imaging systems with a comprehensive video system.

Gulfstream Infotech provides authentic Uniview Products all over the UAE. It is one of the largest and experienced CCTV camera distributors in the region. Their best-selling CCTV products in UAE include: Uniview IP Cameras, PTZ Camera, UNV starlight cameras, Uniview Wi-Fi Cameras, NVR, VMS, IP SAN, Disk Enclosure, Heat- Track series, Transmission & Display & Control, Accessories Gulfstream Infotech believes that true success lies in building long lasting customer relationships by delivering utmost client satisfaction.

UNV Solutions

Product Line Our Products


UNV network video recorders are empowered by innovation to provide beneficial features, focusing on user experience to ease every operational process, born with high quality gene to ensure reliability on device and whole system. We have NVRs available in Easy Series, Prime Series and Pro Series. The salient features in the NVR is Updated with U Code technology, Easy to use and maintain, Reliability at Design and Tests, Long Distance PoE, UBS & ANR Storage system, N+1 hot spare support and Deep Learning Intelligence. Third- party IP Cameras support with ONVIF conformance: Profile S, Profile T Profile G. NVRs are available from 1 to 16 SATA, allowing up to 128 channels.


UNV VMS products are powerful and highly reliable video surveillance management platforms which offer a comprehensive solution by connecting with other UNV products including IP camera, NVR, Decoder, Network keyboard, Cloud device, Alarm control panel & door access control, etc. They are compatible with ONVIF compliant IP cameras and open to integrate with other systems. UNV VMS products have been widely used in various scenarios such as public security, finance, transportation, electric power, energy, education, healthcare and in diverse scenarios like large parks and buildings.

Professional Storage

Nebula, with high performance, high reliability, high availability, high density, high scalability and high usability is a new generation unified network storage developed especially for video surveillance. Integrating a wide range of features such as iSCSI storage, RAID Processing, Failover Protection, permanent Data Protection and cutting-edge disk management technology, Nebula offers concurrent block access performance(iSCSI), and thus forms a comprehensive solution to storage in video surveillance.

Display & Controls

High quality manufacturing ensures stability and reliability, UNV Display panels gives you immense visual experience by its perfect display effect. It is having an excellent structural design hence easy to install and maintain. Also comes with a professional video wall controller which can control and manage various functions. Wide range of LCD Video wall, video wall controller and LED Display monitors are available with UNV.