Thermal Scanner in UAE


Thermal Cameras in UAE

Faster, safer, and smarter thermal cameras are used to measure temperature with great accuracy in a few seconds. Available in the United Arab Emirates, Gulfstream’s thermal cameras can be used in schools, shopping malls, workplaces, banks, airports, bus terminals, metro stations, and traffic signals.

With an in/out linkage, this exclusive thermal camera features an alarm function. It can simultaneously measure the body temperature of up to a hundred active visitors. So, when it comes to admission points with large crowds, such as supermarkets, public transportation, immigration, airport entry points, and schools, and when you want to measure the fever on the go, then Gulfstream’s thermal scanners UAE is the way to go!

Features of Thermal Scanner & Cameras

1. A person's skin-surface temperature or fever can be detected in one second.

2. Thermal camera with multi-person detection

3. Non-contact measurement is possible with a thermal camera.

4. When a high temperature is detected, the alarm goes off immediately to alert the operators.

5. To prevent false alerts from other heat sources, AI detection of fever is being used.