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Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Safety of individuals and possessions is important and the safety of it is ensured by the security. Nowadays it is important for homes also apart from business and commercial properties.So it’s better to choose a security options which fits for you.

The world is changing fast technologically and we always stay ahead to provide smart and safer solutions in surveillance cameras.

We provide a wide range of network surveillance solutions including CCTV suppliers, fiber optic cables and accessories, network video recorders, encoders; video management software for various applications, our IP range products simplifies the integration and increase the scope of scalability.

Magnetic Locks and Accessories

Magnetic Locks and Accessories helps in securing the door with a powerful magnetic force which makes sure quick release as soon as the current is switched off. Armature plates used in these locks are presented with closures that help in fixing the plates when the door closes. The plate is intended in a way that automatically line up with the magnet. We have different types of locks catering to the specific need of the hotel industry to enhance the safety and easiness of the guests.

Access Control Systems

In today’s world of high cyber threat the role and importance of access control is inevitable to all organizations, right access to right person in right time is very much important. Securing your business facility or organization’s work space is a matter of critical importance. Many organizations seek constant control and an accurate overview of users and access across their systems. Having full control of access rights, which are constantly changing in a complex mix of users, IT systems, and organizational structures, is tricky, We as a distributor provide the right brands which can handle small and complex access rules,our solutions are flexible enough to mix,match and integrate different access rules Whether you have a smaller installation or a large number of doors and complex access rules,there is an optimal way to meet your biometric access control challenges.

Fiber Optic Cables and Accessories

Data networks, Fiber optic cables and accessories, and data networking technology touch every area of modern life either directly or indirectly. Data networks are used for local area networks within offices and businesses; networks are used for home computer systems and normally incorporate Wi-Fi to enable a host of devices to be connected; they are used for telecommunications applications providing connection for landline and mobile telecommunications; and they are used in almost every walk of life. We have a wide range of Data Networking products from the cat6 cables to the network switches; we are the leading supplier for the brands like Norden,opterna,Huwaei, and TP link.

Data Networking
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Public Address Systems

Public Address System gives you an immediate way to address everyone at a given location. A public address system is relatively easy to maintain. The technology has become modernized and installation can be done with a minimal footprint. Maintenance is straightforward, and someone can be trained to operate the system with ease. We even help our clients and channel partners to learn PA system training when we do our installations. We know PA system training on the front end will make sure you get the most out of your equipment. GSIS is the distributor for the global leading brands like Electro Voice, Dynacord, Beyerdynamic, and more.

Public Address Systems