Fiber Optic Cables And Accessories

POE Powered Switch

Fiber optic cable communication is the main transmission method of modern communication networks. It has a history of only about 20 years and has experienced three generations: short-wavelength multimode optical fiber, long-wavelength multimode optical fiber, and long-wavelength single-mode optical fiber. The use of fiber optic cables and accessories is a major change in the history of communication. More than 20 countries including the United States, Japan, Britain, and France have announced that they will no longer build power cable communication lines and are committed to the development of optical fiber communication

For pixel-perfect transmission of AV signals over a fibre optic infrastructure, Gulfstream offers fibre optic cables, and accessories. The Fiber Optic Kit and Connectors make field termination quick and straightforward, while the Fiber Optic cable kit gives you the tools you need to analyse optical power and loss.